Weekly Work Schedule Template

Actually, how to create a weekly work schedule template is not as complicated as imagined. Many workers and students experience Sunday night blues, a condition where feelings of sadness and even depression often strike you when remembering tomorrow is Monday.

Usually, this feeling arises from late afternoon to evening. Sunday Night Blues will no longer be experienced if you make a fun weekly work schedule template so that you will be more productive and happy for a week.

How to Make a Fun Weekly Work Schedule Template

1.  Start Adjusting Your Focus

Monday no longer sucks when you already realize what will be done during this week. The main key is the focus. You need planning, consistency and planning the best time possible to be more productive.

Hold a morning briefing with your team members to review what needs to be done and what needs to be done this week. Make notes on an online document file that is shared with all members of your team, then ask them to write down the tasks, projects or difficulties for this week.

2.  Let’s Share With Others

Entering the middle of the week, do not relax the spirit. Take advantage of tools like Hangouts to communicate with office friends or team members. Collaborating with team members can increase your enthusiasm because of the sense of togetherness that arises from the collaboration. So you do not always feel burdened by a job.

3.  Reduce Work

Stress at work can be overcome by making work plans and inserting leisure time on your weekly agenda. You have started the week with high concentration, try to reduce work this afternoon. There’s nothing wrong with giving a reward to yourself by setting aside enough free time this afternoon after working fully concentrated on the previous 3 days.

You can be sure your work time will not spend a lot of energy if you have prepared it by making a work plan at the beginning of the week. So, you don’t feel burdened by the work agenda. You will enjoy the work while working more optimally.

If you work with high mobility, you can take advantage of the latest technology to help you keep working to the fullest even on the go. You can also learn how to create a weekly work agenda with various applications or the latest technology.

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