Weekly Student Report Template

Weekly student report templates are one of the most needed templates for a teacher. using daily reports students can maintain good relations between teachers and parents of students, in addition, with the presence of student reports, parents will be easier to see the development of their children at school.

Weekly Student Report Template

Weekly evaluations can contain reports about social skills or study skills. Most school systems require teachers to assess students in social skills and work habits of the number system. However, determining the arbitrary value at the end of the quarter can be difficult. This makes many teachers and parents choose an easier system for tracking student progress every week.

In addition, the weekly student report will greatly help students’ parents to find out the extent to which their children are developing either behaviorally or academically.

Various Ways to Make a Weekly Student Report Template

1.  Conduct holistic assessments of social and study skills to students.

You can use the tracking form to record the behavior of students’ skills during the week. If you feel that keeping a record of student behavior is important, you can choose to use this weekly student report system. You can create weekly evaluation scores based on tracking data that you have used to record each student’s behavior.

You can also use the same weekly student report to record the progress of homework and missing or incomplete class assignments. At the end of the week, you can provide work habits for each child. If your school district uses a numerical scale, you only need to convert the letter values ​​to whatever system your district uses.

2.  Report on student academic development.

Most weekly evaluation reports are only to discuss work habits and social growth but do not provide a clear explanation of the development of students’ academic values. There are students who are thorough and behave well but get academic grades that are less than the standard, but conversely, there are also students who are always in difficulty in behaving but managed to get good grades.

Experienced teachers should consider finding the right method to inform parents of their child’s academic growth in school. Using weekly reports can be an alternative.  

Without reports on student development every week, parents and teachers will be confused about what they have to do with their students. Having a weekly student progress report will be very helpful for teachers to determine the right way to teach their students.

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