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There are many non-profit companies that need help from volunteers to carry out various programs, assist the daily work process, and various other needs. But many non-profit companies don’t pay attention to the volunteer schedule template they use.

Making the right volunteer schedule template is very necessary for companies that use the services of volunteers. Without a good schedule, the assistance provided by the volunteers will not match what the company needs.

Choosing the Right Volunteer for Your Company

Choosing volunteers who are suitable for your company is one of the keys to scheduling volunteers going well. Before accepting assistance from volunteers, make sure they know in advance what the vision and mission of your company are.

Give them brief training and see the results of the training. From the results they show, you can choose competent volunteers who can work well for your company. This training will also be very useful for them to get to know the work they will handle for your company later.

In addition, you also need to know the character and type of volunteers you are recruiting to avoid misunderstanding in the future.

How to Make a Good Volunteer Schedule Template Runs Well

After you choose the right volunteer for your company, the next thing you must do so that the volunteer schedule you make runs smoothly is:

1.  Perform initial communication first.

Make sure you tell the volunteers you need in advance of the scheduled day. Make sure the schedule you make is a schedule that has been confirmed by your volunteers first. Give sufficient time about two to three months in advance, so that the volunteers you need to have enough time to arrange their schedule.

If you give short notice, or you make a volunteer schedule without confirming it in advance to volunteers who will be present, then it is likely that these volunteers will not be able to attend to help your company’s needs.

2.  Keep in communication with your volunteers.

Don’t forget to maintain good communication with your company volunteers. You can send an email to simply remind your volunteers about the schedule that they have confirmed, or even to provide various important information that you have to convey.  

In addition to making a good voluntary schedule, make sure your relationship has a good relationship with volunteers who help your company. Without a good relation and communication, voluntary scheduling that has been made will not run well.

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