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There are many ways that can be done to teach autistic individuals about independence without a caregiver, using a visual schedule is a way that can be tried. There are many examples of a visual schedule template that you can download from the internet or you can create your own with your creativity.

Visual schedule template is usually a schedule that uses visual formats such as the arrangement of images, photos, lines, symbols, and short sentences. Using a visual schedule will help individuals with autism because it will be easier to understand visually what they have to do.

Benefits of Using a Visual Schedule

A visual schedule helps individuals to carry out daily activities without a caregiver. In addition, the visual schedule also helps them to learn basic life skills.

Preoccupying them with various activities that are useful for self-development in an interesting way can also prevent the emergence of destructive behavior or other special behaviors that are usually possessed by individuals with autism.

How to Create a Visual Schedule

You can search for references for a visual schedule template from the internet or books. However, if you want to create your own visual schedule, here are some tips for creating a good visual schedule:

1.  Identifying.

Identify what activities or abilities you want to give the user a visual schedule.

2.  Simplifying orders.

Simplify schedule activity commands to be more easily understood by individuals with autism.

3.  Choose the visual format to be used in the schedule.

Use a combination of images, lines, photos or other visual formats. Don’t use one visual format because the results won’t be effective when compared to schedules that use a combination of visual formats.

4.  Give directions on how to use the schedule.

For individuals with autism, verbal guidance is needed. You should provide guidance and an initial introduction to how to use the schedule before telling them to do it themselves.

5.  Show your response.

Give a response in accordance with the results that have been completed. If the individual with autism successfully completes their tasks properly, show your pride. You can show your response by giving praise or giving a small gift to them.  

The visual schedule can be used for individuals with autism at any age. However, the use of this visual schedule is most effective for individuals with autism who are under five to adolescents. So, immediately make your visual schedule and teach individuals with autism to continue to develop from small and simple activities.

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