Visitation Schedule Template

As a responsible parent, the visitation schedule template must be discussed in court before being officially divorced. The separation of father and mother must not be fatal to the child. They must still get fair time from both parents. Here is how to make a schedule and type.

Visitation Schedule Template

1. Agreement

Before making a schedule, you and the parties concerned should make an agreement for a visitation. An agreement like this aims to ensure that both parties have spent time at the same time. Visitation is likely to be done regularly, so you need to determine the pattern of meetings so that the cycle becomes organized.

2. Start and End

There are times when visitation relates to the demand for parents to attend school for certain moments. Determine when you should start doing it and the end of the obligation for visitation in a year. In the schedule, determine the cycle by making a start and end of the term. That way, you will not miss or forget to visit.

3. Another Visitation

In practice, often the promised visitation is canceled or postponed due to various factors. Both parties should discuss when another visitation can be carried out as a substitute. There are also other possibilities such as meetings that fall on holidays or on holiday weekends. Plan from the beginning by agreeing with the specified date.

Kind of Visitation

1. Alternating weeks

This visitation pattern reaps the pros and cons. Children can spend a lot of time with parents. In the first week, children 5 days with the father and the rest with the mother. The next is the opposite. But this means that both parties must stay close to the child’s access to his school, courses, and daily activities.

2. 60/40

This one ratio is not like alternating weeks. Within a week, there is no fixed schedule because every week will have a different pattern. This visitation is very widely used because it is proven to give great attention to children. Children also feel more comfortable because the change of days is not too extreme.

3. The break time

Children always have vacation time at school, right? You can use it to spend time with children. For example on summer vacation, take the time to divide the time in half between father and mother. Let children spend time with their parents. But you need to arrange your holiday schedule too. 

Visitation is often a conflict between father and mother. Some of them feel most entitled to children, some of them throw each other rights. For this reason, a visitation schedule template should be made in court. This agreement will be legal and can be sued if there is a conflict.

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