Vehicle Maintenance Schedule Template

Having a personal vehicle must be prepared with a regular maintenance process. Without maintenance, the vehicle will often become problematic and easily damaged. You need to create a vehicle maintenance schedule template. In addition to the vehicle checking schedule, this template also contains tracks about what improvements have been made to the vehicle.

Vehicle Maintenance Schedule Template

1. Checking date

Enter the date and month when you do the checking or maintenance. Even if it is not damaged, you need to bring the vehicle to the authorized checker to ensure safety. You can track and return on the same date with a certain period of distance.

2. Checked area

Enter which parts are checked by the checker. For example the tire, engine, interior or exterior. You can report parts of the vehicle that are not uncomfortable so checkers easily see the flaws. In one maintenance, the area that can be checked can be more than one.

3. Maintenance procedure

Write down the procedure that the checker does for your vehicle. For example, by changing certain spare parts, changing oil, or just checking the tire pressure. If the procedure does not match the follow-up results, you can do an evaluation or move the workshop to get the appropriate treatment.

Why’s the Maintenance Important

1. Replacing the broken ones

If you are not a vehicle enthusiast, you will not know which parts must be replaced immediately. Delayed maintenance can be fatal, i.e. spend more budget. The part of the vehicle that often undergoes replacement is the cylinder. This part of the engine is very important because it involves fuel consumption and engine performance.

2. The pressure of the tire

Damage to a tire or an imperfect tire contributes greatly to the number of traffic accidents. In addition to bad pressure, tires that have not been replaced for a long time will reduce performance on the road and make the vehicle slip easily. Tires must not be inadequate or excess air. There are certain tools to measure it and can be done at your customer repair shop.

3. Oil check

Every vehicle needs oil. Oil is a vital material that is needed so that the engine can work optimally and delay the damage. Without oil, the friction between machines when used will be so high that it erodes the engine parts. Make sure you always check the oil regularly so that the vehicle’s performance remains good. 

future. Many problems will occur if maintenance is not done. Maintenance is better than replacing damaged engine parts. You can also avoid the risk of road accidents if the vehicle maintenance schedule template is always on-time checklist.

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