Teacher Schedule Template

Being a teacher is not easy. You are required to provide the best performance even though you often feel tired and confused when preparing lesson plans. To ease the workload, create a teacher schedule template. Scheduling will help teachers determine outline plans and avoid incidents of wrong class entry.

Teacher Schedule Template

1. Day, Date and Hour

The teaching time of a teacher needs to be written in detail and in full. First is the day you teach. Within a week, a teacher can teach more than 10 hours. Then, write down the date you taught that could be the attendance. The last one is teaching hours. A teacher can teach up to 4 hours a day in different classes.

2. Class

A teacher generally teaches many classes at different levels. Every year, there must be a rotation of the schedule so that the schedule is very necessary so that it is not mistaken with the previous schedule. The type of class taught can be different levels both for freshmen to seniors.

3. Lesson Plan

Before teaching, a teacher must have prepared an outline. The outline contains any material that will be taught in class. Include the lesson plan in the schedule template. Besides being more organized, the teacher can also find out what has been taught. So that in the future, you do not teach the same thing.

4. Past lesson

In addition to the lesson to be taught, a teacher should also write a past lesson. This section contains a brief outline of the material taught at the previous meeting. Why is the past lesson so important? This prevents a teacher from teaching unsustainable material that confuses students.

Teaching Tips

1. Use the latest technology

Students like a variety of classes, including the use of technology in them. They will feel attracted because technology tends to make them curious. Use various videos or animations that are informative, so they learn and feel fun during the process. Online quizzes can also be used as a method to motivate them.

2. Try some method

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Learning methods such as listening to explanations, reading, writing, and answering the test on paper is traditional. Children will love new methods not found at home or the previous semester. Their motivation is fun things like storytelling, learning outside the classroom, or by holding a field trip. 

The planner is not only a requirement for students but also a teacher. The various preparations need to be noted in the teacher schedule template. Even though it is not the same as the template for students, the teacher still needs it as a material delivery time. The template also helps the teacher to look for ideas for learning in the next class.

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