Snack Schedule Template

Giving snacks in various events is often done rather than consuming the entrees. The snack schedule is generally made as a snack delivery schedule and the right type of snack. Besides being practical, many things make snacks better than other types of food on various occasions.

Why is Snack Schedule Good?

1. Reduce Hunger

When the meal time hasn’t arrived, you might avoid heavy food. The snack can be a solution for you to reduce hunger. Usually, hunger will come when you drain energy through both physical and mental. Prepare healthy snacks such as nuts in the middle of sports activities and the middle of working hours.

2. Control blood sugar

For people with diabetes, they will find it difficult to regulate their diet. The snack can be their mainstay by choosing foods that are healthy and have low blood sugar. In addition to the type of snack, arranging a snack schedule can also avoid rising blood sugar, drowsiness, and metabolism.

3. Flexible

Snack is a solution for people who travel a lot because it is easy to carry everywhere. In contrast to heavy food menus that tend to be eaten in a certain period. For those of you who often feel hungry, carry snacks in your bag while traveling. When hungry, then you don’t need to look for a shop to buy food.

Best Snacks for You

1. Almonds

We all know that almonds are nuts with very high protein sources. These beans also contain anti-oxidants and fiber so that helps your digestion. The fat element in it is also harmless, so you don’t need to be afraid of obesity even if you eat it in large quantities.

2. Fruit

The snack can also be in the form of fruits. You can still feel full of sources of vitamins and minerals in it. Choose fruit that is practical like oranges, grapes or cherries because it doesn’t need to be cut into pieces. You can prepare a salad before traveling with a mixture of creamer and cheese as a distraction menu during the daytime.

3. Popcorn

This food is very popular as a snack. But it’s good if you make your popcorn. Reduce the amount of salt or replace it with a healthy type of salt such as Himalayan salt. Also, reduce sugar sweeteners so that not much amount of sugar you consume. Popcorn contains carbs that are good for health. 

The snack menu on the snack schedule needs to be considered. You need to adjust it to the event or opportunity so that it gives a good effect. For example in the middle of sports, the best snack is banana because it can help increase energy. As for camping, bring snacks that are dry like nuts.

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