Shooting Schedule Template

Producing good films can not be separated from the discipline of the crew and cast. So that they stay on track, a shooting schedule template should be created. Investment in the production of a film is not only in money, but also time, energy and thought. The following are guidelines for making shooting planning so that the process runs well.

Shooting Schedule Template

1. Date

Shooting is a job that involves a lot of time and effort. Each scene is generally done separately in time, depending on the settings in the script. Write the date when the scene will be taken and also the time. Some scenes may require specific times such as morning or night.

2. Scene

The scene is part of the film taken in pieces. One scene can take a very long time because of its considerable preparation. Write down the type of scene that will be taken when shooting. For example scene 1 is a conversation that is held at school with a morning background, while scene 2 is a scene on the highway that uses the afternoon setting.

3. Location

Location is something that cannot be separated from film making. Some films may use computer-made artificial locations, but they do not apply to the whole. The assistant director will usually look for a suitable location based on the scene and settings. Write the shooting location in the column according to the scene and date.

4. Cast

Not all casts will be present shooting in certain scenes. In one scene, it might only require one cast because the contents are monologue. On the other hand, the cast can also appear in one scene with several extras. Write down all casts in the schedule column so they know when to come to the set.

How to make the Schedule Effective

1. Make sure the team is consistent

Everyone involved in the shooting process must be busy. All job desks require a lot of time in a narrow period. Make sure all the crew is consistent with the schedule. It’s a good idea, the template created must list all the crew and cast in one schedule.

2. Add the time margin

There are times when the plotted time has not gone smoothly. That is why you need to add about 10% of each activity done. For example, in one scene takes about 4 hours, add around 25 minutes in preparation. Many unexpected things that always happen in the shooting process.

Another benefit of the shooting schedule template is adjusting the crew to the scenes that are needed. Many things can be saved such as the amount of food and also the treatment of cast. The anticipation from the crew who did not come will also help to keep shooting without the crew.

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