Shift Schedule Template

Not all companies have a fix work system every day. Some types of work require 24-hour supervision such as security. To overcome this, a shift schedule template can be the right solution. Employees will be divided so that all work is handled properly.

Creating Shift Schedule Template

1. Rotating team

In the implementation of the shift system in business systems generally, there will always be rotation. Rotation means that each team or employee must be prepared to face different working hours within a certain period. Before determining rotation, you need to divide employees into teams. One team will work at the same time in one period.

2. Kind of shift

If the length of work is divided into 8 hours, then one day is divided into 3 shifts. This distribution is carried out on businesses that provide services 24 hours a day. Sift 1 generally starts at 7 to 3 pm, shift 2 starts at 3 to 11 at night and shift 3 starts at 11 at night until 7 in the morning. Employees must be willing to change shifts during work.

3. Department

Businesses that do not have to have career requirements or capability specifications will also usually apply rolling departments. For example team, A in restaurant X will work as cleaning in the first week and work as a waiter in the second week. For this reason, the template must provide a department column so that the employee’s job desk becomes clear.

Working Shift Advantages

1. Less stressful

Working long hours or increasing working hours is a pain in the ass. As an employee, you will be easily stressed because there are many things you have to handle or do. It’s different if you work for a long time. Besides being bored, various diseases will threaten you such as fatigue, stress and burn out.

2. More productive

The shift system guarantees higher productivity because working hours are balanced with personal life. All activities by the job desk can be completed and done optimally. Surely this is better than working more hours than it should.

3. More time for yourself

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Work is important, but emotional health for yourself should not be ignored. Work is not necessarily my passion, so various passions and hobbies must remain pursued. With the shift system, there are times when you have time to develop yourself outside the office.

Many employees tend to complain about the shift schedule template, especially working at night. Although reaping the cons because it damages sleep hours, but this is very good for work performed in the office. It’s easy to work with your team and have more time for yourself.

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