School Cleaning Schedule Template

School is the place that has the greatest possibility to get dirty. Many things and behaviors are caused by students such as littering, spilled school tools, and poor eating habits. The school cleaning schedule template will help the school check important parts so that the class becomes cleaner.

School Cleaning Schedule Template

1. The task

School cleaning is not just about cleaning the floor. For schools like Kindergarten, many details have to be done by officers. Each task must be explained in detail such as tidying toys, checking items that may be left behind, cleaning stains such as paint and glue, etc. In addition to his duties, the schedule must also explain the description of the room.

2. Frequency

Some tasks have different frequencies in the process. For example, cleaning the room once a day, the toilet is cleaned once every two days or wiping the window once a week. Make a weekly schedule and the date when the task must be done. Mark with a checklist or signature when the task is complete.

3. Time

In addition to frequency, the time involved in the assignment will also be different. For example, taking out the trash that is done after class ends in the afternoon, cleaning toys at break time for children, and making sure the class is clean before class starts. You can group various tasks according to time to make the activity and checking easier to do.

Reasons The Class Must Clean

1. Avoid the illness

Various kinds of people come to school starting from staff, teachers, and students. Everyone has a different environmental background. If one of the parties is sick, the school becomes a place of the rapid spread of disease. School cleanliness will help others to stay healthy and avoid sickness.

2. Cozy learning

The dirty class will make anyone feel uncomfortable when studying. A good and effective learning process requires a comfortable, safe and clean space. Students will also learn that a clean environment will have a good impact on their health and development.

3. Everyone stays focus

A clean and healthy school environment will help all parties become healthier. Teachers also become more focused on spreading knowledge when they are in prime condition. Conversely, dirty classes will invite teachers and students affected by certain allergies. If that happens, then the learning process will be hampered because they will be busy with allergies or illnesses.

Cleaning the class regularly will certainly have a good effect. Although cleanliness is a shared responsibility, a school cleaning schedule template is still needed. Details will be considered carefully so that there are no gaps in the disease spread in the school.

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