Schedule Template Sample Example

Problems in managing time can be avoided by making a schedule. Various schedule template sample examples on the internet are very varied. Starting from daily, monthly, until annually can be used to facilitate you. Here are various samples that you can make to set a schedule so that your important events are not missed.

Schedule Template Sample Example

1. Daily Template

Excel template can be used to create a daily schedule. Some examples are cleaning service, rotating shifts, study, etc. On the daily form, certain hours are usually written along with tasks that must be carried out by the team or certain people. Usually, daily templates are used by those who have difficulty managing time or as a schedule in the world of work.

2. Monthly template

Besides daily, monthly templates are also often created in Excel. Examples are amortization schedules and bill payments. This template is large-scale because it is displayed in tables with columns per month. Monthly templates are also suitable for freelancers to include work deadlines. They can arrange when on vacation or accept a new job.

3. Annually template

Making annual schedule templates can also be done using spreadsheets. Although spreadsheets are actually suitable for templates that require formulas, they will look much neater. Examples of templates include maintenance schedules for households, production houses, etc.

Creating the Schedule in Spreadsheet

1. Know the preference

People who are involved in scheduling must have personal preferences. Before making it, it’s good you know how these people are able to work optimally. In addition to tasks that must be according to ability, choose the right time to work. Afterward, group their preferences in one column spreadsheets.

2. Use the feature

If you don’t want to be bothered, you can add the Google calendar feature to the spreadsheet. Look at vacation or peak-season schedules where people often take vacation time. This feature can help you anticipate various kinds of obstacles starting from deadlines or workload.

3. Make it ahead

It’s bad if you delay in making a schedule. Even if you deliberately see the progress of the match schedule over time, you still need to make a scheduling. You can pay attention to the schedule mismatch with various factors by rotating. Scheduling can help anyone not to delay work.


The busier your activities, the more difficult it is to manage a narrow time. Schedule template sample example can make it easier to make plans according to time and needs. Another benefit of the schedule is that you can track and monitor the extent to which your time is beneficial to yourself and those around you.

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