Rotating Schedule Templates

Managing an active business for 24 hours is not easy. Business owners must prepare employees and also rotating schedule templates. You must stay on track for employees who will work alternately in 3 shifts. With a rotation system, productivity will rise and employees will still have a good life balance.

Creating Rotating Schedule Templates

1. Divide the team

The total number of employees should be divided into teams. Each team will have different working hours. Large teams consist of 3 teams that will represent each shift in 24 hours. The division of the team must be balanced, starting from the number and gender. If you have 24 employees, each team will number 8 people.

2. Fill the date range

After dividing employees into teams, determine the date they will work based on shifts. Usually, the shift system always changes every week. For example team A in week 1 works in the morning shift, then in week 2 will work in the afternoon and the following week work in the evening. Ideally, they will experience all shift schedules within 3 weeks.

3. Notes

The bottom part of the distribution schedule is an important note regarding working hours, employees, and holidays. Every business might have a “peak season” so that employees must have longer working hours. Include a date that becomes “peak season” so employees can prepare themselves.

What’s the Benefit?

1. The tips are equal

Is your business in the service sector? Then your employees will usually receive tips from customers. Unfortunately, giving these tips will not be equivalent if the employee has fixed working hours. There are certain times where customers are very crowded and vice versa. With rotating shifts, all employees get the same opportunity.

2. More experience

Some employees not only work to earn money but also experience. Give them the opportunity by rotating the shift. The challenge of working in the daytime is certainly different from the night. Each of them will learn to solve problems and also strengthen cooperation between teams.

3. Business runs well

You will not experience a day off just because employees do not come to work. The rotation system is beneficial for business owners and employees. Employees can ask permission to leave because their work can be replaced by colleagues. While business owners can still be productive because they don’t have to look for employee replacements. 

Rotating schedule templates make your business don’t have extreme hours. Employees can have a day off even though the day is not fixed. At the very least, your business remains productive and operates according to its hours. While employees still have a good life balance.

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