Project Schedule Template

A good project is not just about the results that match expectations. Another parameter is about how disciplined each project is based on time and phase. Creating a project schedule template is important. Besides being able to avoid delays from deadlines, you also have a good track record for your project.

Project Schedule Template

1. Date

In making a schedule, the date is the most important data. Besides the date, you can make an into the schedule. For example, changing to week-1, week-2 and so on. To make it easier to read, date data should be written in the horizontal form at the top of the table. If the schedule is created in Excel, use the horizontal axis.

2. Milestone

Milestone is a certain phase or phase of the progress of work that has been done. The writing is vertical on the left. A project usually has more than 3 phases in the form of initiation, planning, execution, and monitoring. In a phase, many activities require more than one short period of time.

3. Chart

Do you think that the schedule form is boring? You can add graphics or charts to it so that it becomes visually attractive. Charts can be made based on milestones that have been run or overall progress. Add interesting images such as racing flags at the beginning and end of the project.

Creating Best Schedule

1. Talk with team-mates

A project will work well if you have a lot of discussions with the team during the planning phase. Each part certainly has its own estimation or timeline, so that later it will not experience overlapping. Nor will the team feel that the work is too heavy or light because all activities will be divided equally.

2. Choose the best people

The project will run well if each team works according to their abilities. For that, choose people who have the ability well. After creating a project schedule template, it is possible that there is a lack of team members. You can project anyone who can enter your team.

3. Schedule in Update

Don’t let the schedule just be a paper made at the beginning. You can track the development of your project. Does everything fit the timeline? Are there activities that were not carried out? Everything will be summarized if you provide a checklist done or not. You can also occasionally gather with the team while discussing schedules. 

A good quality project schedule template will help you a lot. Each task will be categorized based on a certain phase, so you can project the speed of work. Some activities may experience errors and schedules will help you to make other decisions.

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