Project Management Schedule Template

Working on a project is a big challenge, even though the work is relatively easy. There are many things that must be done such as the process, setting the schedule, until the resources. Projects will be easier if you have a project management schedule template. Besides functioning as monitoring, the schedule will also make the project more organized.

Project Management Schedule Template

1. Start and End of Date

In the schedule, you need to include the date the project started and the project’s expectation ended. If there is a prior agreement, the end date is fixed. The date of writing uses the weekly format because various steps are generally completed within a certain week.

2. Phase

The project has many phases, from planning, initiation, evaluation and so on. Each phase there are certain activities carried out by those who work on the project. Before writing down the phase, categorize the activities first.

3. Steps

The step is an activity carried out during the process. Ideally, steps are recorded in as much detail as possible. It is intended that there is no reason for employees to protest the lack of time so that they cross deadlines. Several steps may have the same time.

4. Note

Note fields are very necessary for the schedule. Some activities may be hampered, passing deadlines, or material being canceled. You can write in detail why the activity is hampered in the notes section. So you don’t need to make a news form on another paper.

The phase of Project Management

1. Initiation

Initiation is the first step in doing a project. This relates to the study and what documents need to be prepared. A review is also conducted to find out how available resources, benefits and financial estimates.

2. Execution

After the initiation and planning are finished, it is time for the project to start being executed. Each project must have a manager who will manage the running of each phase and activity. This process is quite difficult because it must be finished before the deadline. Employees also need to complete the work well and focus.

3. Control and Review

During the execution, each activity needs to be controlled and monitored. This prevents risks that arise such as accidents and large losses. In the process, the manager can rely on the schedule sheet so that everything is going well. While being controlled, the project will also be reviewed by other parties related to time and cost.

The project management schedule template will make all the processes structured. You only need to check the timeline and make sure all activities are running on time. Many adverse risks can be avoided because all activities are controlled and handled properly.

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