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Printable Infant Feeding Schedule

Feeding an infant can be stressful for new parents. You have no idea how often they need to eat or how much they should take. The key to feeding a baby is a regular schedule. As each baby has a different schedule, it is important to make a tailored infant feeding schedule that is adjusted with the baby’s needs and preferences.

To make a good schedule, you can refer to AAP that releases a typical feeding schedule. Your baby may have a different pace but it won’t be far from the released schedule. If you decide to make a tailored schedule for your baby, you need to check this out!

Information in Infant Feeding Schedule

1.      Date

A feeding schedule for a baby should have information about the date. If you want to stick with the schedule, then you should know what menu your baby eats for each day. When something happens with the infant, it is much easier to keep track of the problem. The date also gives you information when to switch to the new schedule.

2.      Time

A breastfed baby requires more frequent feeding up to 12 times per day. This happens during the first week of birth and it reduces to 9 times when the baby is 3 months old. Referring to this schedule, it is necessary to include time information in your feeding schedule. You can make a table consisting of 24 rows for 24 hours.

3.      Activity

Despite it is a feeding schedule, you can also include other activities such as diaper changing and sleep. This helps you keep track of those activities without making a new schedule.


If you want to write any notes or comments about the baby’s response when they are fed or sleep, you can write in this column. This information is not necessary but you can use it as a review to monitor their development.


Baby feeding should not be stressful. You can make an infant feeding schedule to make sure the baby is fed at the right time. The schedule should include some important information such as date, time, and activity. Having a feeding schedule is necessary as you can understand your baby’s feeding pace and needs.

If you need a template to help with the feeding schedule, you can download a printable infant feeding schedule right here. The schedule is editable and easy to customize. Fill in the schedule with your baby feeding preferences and stick to it. Now that you have the schedule, baby feeding is no longer stressful.

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