House Cleaning Schedule Templates

How to Make House Cleaning Schedule Templates

Regular house cleaning is one of the ways to keep the cleanliness of your home. Whenever you have guests or friends stopover, there is nothing to worry about. While it may be difficult to determine what chores you should do in a day, making a schedule can help you out. Take a look at house cleaning schedule templates and tailor it according to your circumstances.

With a template, making a cleaning schedule is not that difficult. After downloading the template, you can open the document and edit. Enter the activity list you need to do for the house cleaning program. Make sure to enter the date and other information to make the schedule understandable. Follow the steps below!

How to Customize House Cleaning Schedule Templates

1.      Determine the type of schedule

Are you going to make a daily or weekly schedule? It is necessary to determine your schedule type as it affects the schedule length. A weekly schedule is considered the best as you can make a detailed schedule without too long a list.

2.      List the task

Now that you know the type, start to list the cleaning tasks. Your list will vary from one another as it depends on your needs and home circumstances. You can start from easy cleaning such as dusting to equipment maintenance.

3.      Determine the frequency

The frequency of each task may vary depending on your home condition. For instance, if you have small kids who love to run around, you may need to sweep the floor more often than other households. Be sure to make it reasonable.

4.      People in charge

If you are not the only one in the house, make sure to assign people to take part in the cleaning plan. You can find people in charge, the one who will be responsible for the chores. For instance, your husband can mow the lawn while you do other tasks.


Regular cleaning keeps your house clean and comfortable. To manage the cleaning projects, you can use house cleaning schedule templates that you can stick with it. Now that you have the right template, make sure you know how to customize the template. Start with determining the schedule type, listing the task, to assigning people to the tasks. 

Are you ready to begin the house cleaning project? Download house cleaning schedule templates here and customizes according to your needs. After tailoring the schedule, print with any paper size and attach it to your fridge or other visible places.

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