Homeschool Schedule Template

Customizable Homeschool Schedule Template

Homeschooling is a big decision you can make for your kids. You should be able to provide them with lessons they should receive in public school but in much more attractive ways. An important thing to consider for your homeschool plan is preparing the schedule. The following homeschool schedule template is going to help you in creating one.

As with any other schedule, there is specific information you should mention. A homeschool schedule should include several aspects such as time and lessons. If you are going to make a schedule for your kids, be sure to involve the following aspects.

Homeschool Schedule Template Information

1.      Schedule title

Are you going to make a daily schedule or a weekly schedule? No matter which schedule you choose, write the title atop the table. The title lets you know what kind of schedule you have. A simple title is enough, such as Daily Homeschool Schedule or Weekly Homeschool Plan.

2.      Time

The table in your schedule should include the time of activities. This may make your homeschool plan like an hourly schedule but this helps you attach with the plan. You can start early in the morning and finish in the afternoon.

3.      Lessons and activities

Your homeschool schedule template also comes with lessons and activities. Arrange the schedule and activities according to your preferences. You can discuss with the kids in order that they can learn better. In writing the lessons, you don’t necessarily need to include daily activities such as breakfast, lunch, or nap.

There are several activities you can include in this section. Though it may vary, you can teach science, math, history, reading, and other lessons. An outing class is also needed so that the kids are not bored with their homeschool plan. You can also watch a video during the lesson.


Homeschooling is much more fun if you know how to make it fun. One of the ways is by providing an attractive homeschool schedule that can prevent your kids from boredom. While some people choose to make their own schedules, you can download and customize a schedule template. This is an easier way to make a homeschool plan for your kids.

Are you looking for the right homeschool schedule template? Download and customize the template right here. You can freely edit the schedule according to your preferences and print it with any kind of paper. Now that you have a homeschool plan, be sure to follow the schedule and have fun with the homeschool program.

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