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Home Maintenance Schedule Template Free Download

Home maintenance can be overwhelming because you have a longstanding list of tasks to do. A schedule helps you with the chores and make sure everything is well maintained. Now you don’t need to spend hours only to make a schedule. Thankfully, a free download home maintenance schedule template is available. You can easily customize the schedule with your own chores.

In fact, home maintenance widely varies as it depends on your home circumstances. You might have a lot of facilities that need regular maintenance. The schedule can also be made yearly, monthly, or daily according to your preferences.

Things to Have in a Yearly Home Maintenance Schedule Template

1.      Time

Your schedule should mention the time to do the chores. You can categorize the maintenance activities into several groups of the time such as monthly, spring, and summer. Time affects the type of chores you are going to list.

2.      Chores and maintenance

Your schedule should have chores and maintenance list. There are lots of things you can write in this section. But importantly, categorize the chores by its time. For instance, you can include deep cleaning into monthly maintenance, while cleaning gutters can be categorized in spring maintenance.

The maintenance list may vary from one another, thus you should adjust with your own condition. Be sure to include AC services, cleaning fridge coils, and cleaning vent fans.

3.      Responsible

Another important aspect to write on your schedule is who will be responsible for the tasks. For example, you can write the name of the technician for AC services.

4.      Date completed

The schedule should have the information on the completion date. This helps you keep track of the maintenance and make sure everything has been done.

5.      Note

If necessary, include a section for notes. You can write anything, such as how the maintenance goes or if there is a problem.


There are several aspects that should be included in your home maintenance schedule. Aspects such as time, maintenance activities, people in charge, and completion date allow you to make sure the maintenance has been performed as you desire. Be sure to write the chores and maintenance lists thoroughly.

If you find that the maintenance schedule will be good for you, it is time to get one. Free download home maintenance schedule template allows you to create a schedule within minutes. Customize the chores and activity list according to your home condition and you will have a clear home maintenance checklist for the whole year.

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