Game Schedule Template

Game Schedule Template: Don’t Miss Your Favorite Games

At the time you have to handle the game schedule, you might need the help of the game schedule template. With your favorite team playing in different places and times, it can be overwhelming to prepare the schedule that is neat and well-arranged. The right template becomes a tool that can make your work easier.

There are varieties of templates for sport games. Among many options, it is necessary to choose one that is readable and understandable. If you are not the one who uses the schedule, it allows other readers to easily find information about which team plays at which time. Find more about things in the sport schedule template below!

Things in Game Schedule Template

1.      Title

At the top of the schedule, you may need to write the title. At least, the title can help you distinguish the game schedule with other schedules. You don’t necessarily need to find the best title as simple one can work well. Make sure to write the title in a big font.

2.      Day and date

A day column is needed in a schedule template. With information of the day, you can easily find out which day your favorite team will play the game. If needed, you may need to mention the date in order to avoid the wrong day of the week.

3.      Time

Another thing to have in your sports schedule template is time information. Day alone is not enough, you need to write the time so as you don’t miss the favorite game.

4.      Name of sports

Your schedule template should mention the name of sports or the program. Especially if you use a single schedule for different sport games, it is necessary to clearly mention the sports program.

5.      Channel

If you are making a schedule for a TV program, be sure to mention the channel. Thus, you won’t choose the wrong channel.


During a game season, there might be a lot of matches and games to watch. If you don’t want to miss any game, be sure to create a game schedule. If you don’t know how to make one, finding game schedule template is what you need to do. 

Fortunately, schedule template is now available on the internet. You can easily download, customize, and print the template according to your preferences. Most of the templates consist of some information such as date and time, name of sports, and channel. You can print the template with any paper size.

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