Fitness Schedule Template

Fitness Schedule Template to Start Your Health Life

Maintaining your health and fitness can be done in several ways, one of which is performing the exercise. It is necessary to do regular workouts to give you the best result. You might need to consider making a fitness schedule to make sure you can perform the regular workouts. The fitness schedule template that is available on the internet can help you make the right one.

As with any other schedule, workout or fitness schedule consists of several elements. The elements are necessary to build a readable and understandable schedule. Check out things you should have in a fitness schedule so you won’t miss any workout routine.

Elements in a Fitness Schedule Template

1.      Title

If you have a lot of schedules sheets at home, giving a title is necessary. It prevents you from reading the wrong schedule. You can write any title that you like, as long as it represents the fitness schedule. You can also write your name on it.

2.      Day and date

For a weekly schedule, it should contain day and dates. As with other schedules, keeping track of day and dates helps you do the right fitness program at the right time. But you can also omit the date if you always do the same fitness routine every week.

3.       Fitness program

A fitness schedule template should contain a fitness program. This may vary depending on your preferences. If you do more than one workout program, be sure you arrange the time in your schedule.

4.      Time

Aside from day and date, time is necessary for your schedule. Listing time allows you to do the workout without disturbing other activities.

5.      Results and comments

You may want to keep track of the fitness result. You may also need to write your own comments about the given fitness program. For this reason, prepare a column for results and comments.


A fitness schedule is one of the tools to maintain your health. The schedule reminds you of the right fitness program on the right day. To make your schedule readable and understandable, be sure to involve the elements above. Strive to follow the schedule in order that you can get the best result of the program. 

Where can you get a fitness schedule template? Thankfully, the internet provides you with a lot of template choices including fitness schedule. Choose the right template, download, and customize as desired. Next, print the schedule and place it in the bedroom or kitchen so that you can see the schedule easily.

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