Equipment Maintenance Schedule Template

A Well-Planed Equipment Maintenance Schedule to Avoid Equipment Failure

In a manufacturing plant, a sudden equipment failure can cause great disruption. This disruption may lead to a certain loss to the company. Fortunately, this failure can be prevented by regular maintenance. However, it sometimes happens that the maintenance staff forgets to do it. In consequence, an equipment maintenance schedule must be created. To make this schedule, you need an equipment maintenance schedule template.

Benefits of Proper Equipment Maintenance Service

Equipment maintenance can prevent any disruptions at the plant. However, to be effective, this maintenance service must be done properly and regularly. When it is done this way, there will be several benefits that can be achieved.

1.  Avoid small issues develop into big issues

Proper and regular equipment maintenance service can avoid small issues to develop into big issues. It is because, during regular maintenance, a technician can detect and fix small issues without much problem. In consequence, they do not develop into big issues which can cause work disruption.

2.  Extend equipment lifespan

Proper and regular maintenance services can extend equipment lifespan. Therefore, you don’t need to buy new equipment for a long time and you can save on the budget.

3.  Avoid expensive repairs

Equipment maintenance service that is not well scheduled can cause negligence. And this negligence can cause bigger issues so that you need to spend more money to repair the equipment. However, with proper and regular maintenance, you can avoid it.

4.  Keep the equipment running so that the manufacturing process goes as planned

Proper and regular maintenance will keep the equipment running smoothly all the time. Therefore, the manufacturing process runs smoothly and completed as planned.

What You Need to Know about Equipment Maintenance Schedule

An equipment maintenance schedule consists of a list of tasks that need to be done to keep the equipment in good condition. This schedule can be made using the equipment maintenance schedule template. With this template, you can cut your time in creating this schedule.

Maintenance schedules can be made in different ways, depend on the type of equipment. For those with meters, the maintenance can be scheduled based on the meter reading. Meanwhile, for equipment without meters, their maintenance can be scheduled by date. The maintenance schedule can also be done based on the task. Therefore, the technician needs to perform maintenance service after every time the equipment performs a certain task. 

Since there are different maintenance schedule types, you must choose the right equipment maintenance schedule template to meet your needs. Before you download this template, don’t forget to take a look at it closely so that you get the best one.

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