Blank Workout Schedule Template

A busy lifestyle must be accompanied by regular exercise. You can do workouts at the gym at least once a week. The workout is an easy and practical way because there are tools that will help you. You only need to create a blank workout schedule template so that your workout can be directed.


How to fill the Blank Workout Schedule Template

1. Start with weight training

A beginner should only have 2 parts of the body so that training can be more focused. Some choices are triceps, biceps, legs, back, chest or shoulder. During the first 3 days, use weight training for one focus. Then in the next 3 days select the next body part.

2. Do the exercise

Once accustomed to weight training, you can start by choosing the type of exercise. Do it after 1-2 weeks of weight training. Exercise requires stronger muscles. Some things to try are seated cable rows, bent over barbells, dumbbell flyes, and dumbbell presses. In addition to muscle, exercise will also train your cardio system.

3. Make both into sets

You may need 2 weeks for weight training and 2 weeks of exercise. In the second month, you can fill out a workout schedule in the form of a combination of the two. Make certain sets, for example on Monday the focus for triceps with 2 hours of weight training and 2 hours of exercise. Change the focus of body parts in the following days.


Why is Workout Beneficial for You?

1. Maintain weight and health

Workout has its schedule so that you will be more disciplined than an exercise in the morning. At workout, your metabolism works well so that the fat in the body is burned. Your body mass is rich in muscles. Burning fat will reduce your weight and avoid various types of disease risk.

2. Feeling happier

There have been many studies that prove that workout is a way to reduce stress. Hormones associated with stress will decrease like cortisol. Instead, you will feel happier because the hormones in the body become more balanced. With workouts, insomnia can also be avoided and improves mood.

3. Getting healthy skin

Healthy skin is not only obtained with nutritious food, but also regular workouts. A workout, a lot of sweating that you remove so that skin cell turnover becomes faster. Lots of movement also increases blood circulation so the skin looks brighter and healthier.

After you decide to work out, the thing that is needed most is consistency. Blank workout schedule template will help you to stay track and solid. Besides being productive, the schedule will also make time management more presentable.

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