Blank School Schedule Template

The lesson schedule is always done at school. Each class will have a different schedule on the day and time slot. You can make it on the blank school schedule. This form can clarify the schedule to reduce the error of time both from the teacher and student sides. Here is the template of the schedule.


Blank School Schedule

1. General Information

Before you create a table, place general information about the table to be filled. Start by writing down the name of the class, school year or a semester. This data is very much needed as the identity of the class schedule. Each class or school will generally have a different format in writing the introduction to the schedule.

2. Time slot

Time slots need to be written vertically. The time interval will depend on school policies or regulations. One lesson can vary, some 45 minutes and some 60 minutes. Write a time slot with that period, starting from the first hour it starts. For example, time slots start at 7 with a period of 60 minutes, then written 7-8, 8-9, and so on.

3. Days

Days are written horizontally at the top of the table. If the school schedule is only Monday to Saturday, then Sunday does not need to be written. Weekly schedules will make it easier for readers to memorize activities, so prepare ahead of the day can be more organized. For example, when students collect assignments, when they have to bring sports clothes, and so on.

4. Activities

Blank school schedules are generally used to write lesson schedules. Hourly, the schedule will change. For special activities, maybe you need another form to write activities in detail. You can also add footnotes below the schedule table. Don’t forget that every day, there are breaks and lunch schedules.


School Schedule Function

1. Better preparation

In this case, a clear schedule will help both the teacher and the students prepare themselves. Teachers need a long time to design a lesson plan. While students also need the right schedule so they learn to manage time. So, there is no reason for them to forget to do their work.

2. As deadline

Usually, each subject has certain projects. The student must complete it before the specified date. Blank school schedule will help them to manage deadlines.


A clear schedule is very important for students at school. They will learn how to prioritize programs and also prepare various projects that they can. In the end, the result they get will be better. They will also become more disciplined with the time they have.

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