Bathroom Cleaning Schedule Template

In various public spaces usually, there are bathrooms or toilets. Cleanliness will depend on the provider, so a bathroom cleaning schedule template is needed. Employees will easily do their jobs because they know what they have to do.


Bathroom Cleaning Schedule Template

1. Specific task

Cleaning the bathroom not only makes the floor clean but also odor-free. You also need to do things like wiping mirrors, making sure the shower is functioning properly, and rubbish that doesn’t pile in the trash. Make sure you include specific tasks so that cleaning staff can carry out their activities in detail.

2. Date and time

The staff responsible for cleaning the bathroom may not be just one person. You need to schedule dates and times about when specific tasks are performed. The employee’s name is needed as the person responsible for the task. The supervisor will easily check whether the work is going well or not.

3. Supervisor and staff

The public bathroom has a lot of staff and supervisors. Staff work to clean the bathroom, while supervisors oversee staff performance. Their names need to be included in the template sheet. If there is a protest from another party, the authorities can easily find out who the person should be responsible for.


Procedure for Cleaning

1. Removing

The main thing to do to clean a bathroom is to get rid of many items that are scattered. Waste paper in the trash can not be left full because it will cause odor. The possibility of bathroom users also leaves unnecessary items such as former sanitary napkins so that the toilet is disposed of so that the bathroom remains free of garbage.

2. Sweeping

Dirty bathroom floors make anyone feel disgusted and reluctant to use them. Part of the floor needs to be left to stay dry and clean. Public bathrooms are generally dirty with shoes or sandals. Sweeping also prevents the floor from slippery which will endanger users. This activity needs to be done as often as possible every day.

3. Applying the cleaner

The problem that is often found in the bathroom is an unpleasant odor. Applying the cleaner to the water closet, shower and bath will help to prevent it. Use fresh scents like lemons. The cleaner is also able to prevent dirty or crust on walls, floors, bathtubs, and toilets. All items in the bathroom can be kept clean as new.

Cleaning a private bathroom will be a different challenge. You may not have reliable staff like bathrooms in public spaces. Make sure you keep cleaning the bathroom with detail at least once a week. Make a bathroom cleaning schedule template so you don’t forget.

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