Baby Schedule Template

Having a baby is both fun and challenging. You need to create a baby schedule template so that their rhythm is neat. This template is also a record. If at any time something different happens, you can easily guess how your baby’s needs are.


Baby Schedule Template

1. Diaper time

You should check diapers often. Babies often pee, but you don’t have to replace it immediately if it’s not over-capacity. If the baby is poop, then you should immediately change the diaper so they can sleep comfortably. Generally, babies change diapers up to 5 times a day.

2. Feeding time

The baby’s eating schedule must be regular. You can check from the shape of his hand. If his hand clenched, that means he is hungry. Give breastfeed or formula until the baby stops crying or falls asleep. Usually, the baby will be hungry when I wake up and also in the middle of the night.

3. Sleeping time

After birth, maybe the baby’s sleeping schedule is still a mess. But you can begin to set it when the baby enters the age of 2 months. When bedtime comes, adjust the environment to be more dim or dark. Babies will learn to recognize the environment and start sleeping easily.

4. Playing time

Babies also need interaction to develop their motor nerves. Invite them to joke or talk even though at an early age, they can not see clearly. Use soft sounds so the baby starts learning to recognize other people’s voices.


The Guidelines

1. Feeding

Infants up to 4 months old only drink milk as their main food. After 4 months, they can already receive another intake. In a day, babies usually consume 6-10 bottles of milk, as needed. You may need more than 5 bottles of milk in preparation.

2. Hungry or full

It’s easy to guess whether a baby is hungry or full. The baby will only cry or his hands as if to reach for something when hungry. If they are full, they will no longer receive formula intake or even fall asleep.

3. Uncomfortable

Apart from crying because of hunger, babies will also cry when they feel uncomfortable. You need to know from the way he cries. If the baby is full but still crying, maybe the diaper needs to be replaced. Clean and replace with a new diaper. Change the position of sleep so that the baby still feels comfortable.

A baby schedule template can be developed for other needs. For example by stating when the baby needs immunizations or health check-ups to the doctor. The schedule will make it easier for parents to stay on track. That way, your baby remains healthy and develops optimally.

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