Baby Feeding Schedule Templates

If you’re a new parent, then congratulations! Your tiny baby is cute yet feeding them is also a challenge. You don’t know what they want, at the same time you need to feed them. You can browse the suggestions and make baby feeding schedule templates. Giving them various foods beside the milk after 6 months is uneasy if you have no idea.


Baby Feeding Schedule Templates

1. 1-4 weeks

The formula is their main meal for several months as a newborn. You can give them in the morning after they wake up. Sometimes, they cry if they’re starving. The formula is easy to make them full. Besides waking up, the formula is also their drink since you can’t give them mineral water yet. Prepare some bottles in the morning, afternoon, night, and midnight when they’re thirsty.

2. 1 month – 4 months

When your baby turns 1 month old, the pattern will change from the schedule as a newborn. Follow the 3-hour pattern of giving formula or breastfeed every 3 hours. If babies get sleepy again, let them sleep. Instead, invite them to speak in a soft voice or massage it as a distraction.

3. After 4 months

After 4 months of age, your baby is ready to receive complementary foods other than breastfeeding or formula. Make very soft food with small portions. You can make porridge out of biscuits or porridge mixed with olive oil. Generally, the portion of the formula will decrease if they are full because of complementary foods.


Various Food for Baby

1. Pureed fruit

Fruits contain lots of vitamins and minerals. Therefore, the fruit is very good as a baby companion food. Choose fruits like bananas because of their soft texture, apples, and peaches. But everything should not be eaten directly. Make it pureed with a very fine texture. This avoids them from choking.

2. Pureed vegetables

Support of fiber in vegetables helps babies have smooth digestion. You can make pureed green vegetables mixed with rice. Choose spinach or mustard with olive oil added. In addition to green vegetables, you can make pureed potatoes and sweet potatoes because the carbohydrate content is quite high.

3. Semi-liquid cereal

This food is very practical to make. Some special manufacturers of baby compounds have made special textures that break easily when exposed to water. Cereals are usually iron-fortified so they are safe for consumption. Choose the taste they like to eat well.

Baby feeding schedule templates differ over time. They not only need formulas, but also the right complementary foods. Make a varied food schedule so they get balanced nutrition. Make our baby stays healthy as growing up.

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