8 Newborn Schedule Template

Week 8 Newborn Schedule Template

Becoming a new parent is a big challenge. The newborn treatment must be done carefully. Within up to 8 weeks, there is a separate schedule for newborns to rest, cleansing, and also drinking milk. Here are a lot of things up to the week 8 newborn schedule template that you should know about.


Week 8 Newborn Schedule Template

1. Take a nap

Throughout the day, newborns spend a lot of time sleeping. They grow and develop by resting, just like when in the womb. Their sleep schedule is generally at 08.30 AM, 11:10 AM, 01.40 PM, 4.10 PM, 6.30 PM and finally is 10.30 PM until the morning.

2. Feeding

Newborn only consume milk as its main food. Milk comes from breastfeeding or formula milk. If you are giving formula milk, make sure you always prepare sufficient stock. The eating schedule is after waking up in the morning or at 07.30 AM, 10.30 AM, 1.00 PM, 3.30 PM, 6.00 PM, 08.00 PM, and before going to bed at night.

3. Cleansing

Newborns also need frequent cleansing, not just bathing in the morning or evening. You need to replace the diaper as often as possible so that the baby still feels comfortable while sleeping. While changing diapers, you can also take advantage of the time while massaging. Schedule diaper replacement is after waking up, 10.30 AM, 1.00 PM, 3.30 PM, 4.10 PM, 06.00 PM and before going to sleep.


Why Is It Scheduled?

1. You’ll know the sign

Babies will only cry when they feel uncomfortable, hungry, or want something. Scheduling a newborn will make it easier for you to recognize patterns from crying babies. Although at some time, the baby may feel uncomfortable because of the diaper in the hour before the diaper replacement. This will facilitate you to care for your baby.

2. Day and night

The baby can learn the mother’s voice and emotions from the womb. At birth, invite them to recognize patterns day and night using sleep and meal schedules. Especially if you are a busy parent, you can do many things when they sleep.

3. Boost their sleep

A regular schedule will increase hours of sleep from a newborn. It is different if you apply a flexible schedule, the tendency for the reduction of rest time will be higher. Sleep is a newborn way to spend their day. The longer the sleep, the better the development.

Week 8 Newborn schedule template is a modern concept. This developed after more and busier parents, especially the multitasking mother. With a regular schedule, parents can be free with their work, newborn also gets enough rest time according to his age.

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