12 Hour Shift Schedule Template

Although there are many controversies, many companies have implemented a 12-hour work system for their employees. Usually, this business requires 24-hour coverage but cannot get more employees. How to set the 12-hour shift schedule template? This is the detail and makes it fair.


12 Hour Shift Schedule Template

1. Team

The total number of teams needed for the implementation of this schedule is only 4 teams. Shift schedules like this only require fewer teams than other types of schedules. This can increase business profits because you do not need to give a lot of wages to employees. Each team will work 42 hours per week.

2. Shifts

If you use this schedule, then the shift type is only divided into two. Each shift has 12 working hours. The First Shift is morning to night, starting from 07.00 Am until 07.00 PM. The second shift is night work hours, starting from 07:00 PM until 07:00 AM. One team will have the same shift in two weeks.

3. Total hours

The number of working hours in two weeks is 336 hours, with 672 hours per 28 days. The working hour’s cycle will change per 28 days without a day when your business will stop working. Each team will work 168 hours per 28 days or 42 hours per week. You need to update the shirt schedule per 28 days, not per month.


12 Hour Shift Plus and Minus

1. Many off days

This schedule has a fairly flexible time for employees. In two weeks, they have 7 working days and 7 days off. The schedule pattern is 2-2-3-2-2-3. They even have 3 days off in a row which allows them to take a break or take other work.

2. Long hour

The disadvantage of this schedule is the length of work time. In one week, they can work 42 hours to 62 hours. If calculated daily, employees work for 12 hours which is too long to work. This is related to their products which can decrease and get tired easily.

3. Suitable for 24-hour service

Some companies or service providers generally provide 24-hour reports or customer services. Schedule like this is very suitable to be implemented so that the service continues to run 24/7. Examples of services that use this schedule are call centers and medical services.

source : mytemplates-online.com/schedule

Working 12 hours a day is quite tiring. But the 12-hour shift schedule template is the right choice if your business doesn’t have many teams. You need to give bonuses to employees because they have to work for more than 40 hours per week.

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