10 Hour Shift Schedule Template

Working hours that are widely used by companies are 10-hour shift schedule. Employees are required to work 10 hours per day, but only 4 days a week. Employee rotation will apply to overlap on certain days. Here is how to determine the rotation of employees to work for 10 hours per day.


10 Hour Shift Schedule

1. Total Weeks

The 10-hour shift cycle is only valid for 3 weeks or 21 days, not per month. The advantage is that your business will continue to run every day with a different team. Productivity will continue to run and you can increase the turnover by using this schedule.

2. Total teams

This schedule can be applied if you have 6 teams in it. Each team has a 3-day holiday schedule in a row but falls on a different day each week. Their work schedule will start on a different day. Per week, they will work on different shifts.

3. Shift

There are 3 different shifts in this schedule. The first shift works from 11 AM to 9 PM. The second shift works from 3 PM until 1 AM. While the third shift starts at 1 AM until 11 AM. Each team will have a different shift every week in 3 weeks.


Advantage and Disadvantage of Schedule

1. Relaxed schedule

Employees will feel that the working hours they have are balanced. They only need to work for 4 days per week and 3 days to take a break. This is very important for companies in ensuring work balance for their employees.

2. 40 hours per week

The work hours of employees per week are quite good, which is only 40 hours per week. This figure is very fair because it is in the range of working hours in general in the world. Working 10 hours a day is also not too burdensome because, on the other 3 days, employees can use the time to rest.

3. Overlapping

There are days when two teams work together one day. This causes overlapping working hours and also the job desk they have. Overlapping time will be good if the day is a busy day or workload. On the contrary, this will waste workers’ time because there isn’t much work they handle.


This 10-hour shift schedule is perfect for companies that open 24-hour services. For example, call centers, medical services, police departments, convenience stores, and security. Hours can also be set by estimating heavier workloads. You only need to adjust on which day is the workload, so that employee overlapping schedule can be done.

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