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Generally, there are two working hour systems that are widely applied by companies, namely full time and shift. Especially for shift work, this system is usually implemented by companies whose businesses operate for a long time or continuously, for example like shops in the mall. For this reason, a work schedule template is needed to share the work schedule for your workers.

Important Things to Look For Before Compiling a Shift Work Schedule Template

The company has the right to ask shift employees to work overtime. However, there are some things that must be considered. First, there must be an agreement from the employee concerned to do overtime. Second, the maximum duration of overtime is three hours a day and fourteen hours a week. Third, companies must pay overtime wages to employees.

How to Determine the Shift Work Schedule Template

1.  4 Groups 3 Shift

Scheduling this model is usually applied by companies that are fully operational throughout the year due to the high level of activity and output. In the 4 groups 3 shift model, employees will be divided into four groups. They work five days a week with a duration of seven hours of work and one hour of rest.

When it’s time to change from the third shift to the first shift, employees will get two days off. As a result, employee holidays also tend to be erratic.

2.  3 Groups 3 Shift

When compared to the 4 groups 3 shift model, this one scheduling model requires a smaller number of employees. Within a week, employees work Monday through Saturday, Sunday off. Monday to Friday, the duration of work lasts for seven hours with a one-hour break. Meanwhile, on Saturdays, the work duration is five hours. So, when totaled, employees work for forty hours a week.

3.  3 Groups 2 Shift

Usually, this one shift scheduling model is more applicable to the security officer. The scheduling uses formula 2-2-2. That is, in one-week consists of two days shift 1, two days shift 2, and two days off.  

By making a shift work schedule from some of the scheduling methods above, employees in your company will get their work and vacation fairly. Also, pay attention to country regulations that govern employee hours before making their work schedules. This scheduling will also help you in calculating the number of wages or salaries of employees in your company.

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